Alki - Seattle Skyline
Alki - Seattle Skyline
The Alki neighborhood is like a beach town within Seattle . Everyone knows it's always warmer and sunnier on the west side of Elliott Bay, at least it feels that way with your toes buried in the sand! Housing ranges from $1 million-plus condos and beachfront homes to smaller mid-priced condos: most have views, all are at the heart of the beach.

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Ballard Trader Joes
Ballard Trader Joes
Originally a settlement for Norwegian fisherman, Ballard still cherishes its Nordic roots yet growth has brought many changes. Dozens of new condominiums and townhomes line the busier streets and older small homes are often rebuilt into large homes, filling their lots. Bright, new restaurants and shops are also replacing much of old frugal Ballard.

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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill - Amazon Pacific Medial Building
Beacon Hill is a large multi-ethnic neighborhood of single family homes on mid-sized lots. From their hilltop vantage points, many homes have mountain, city and water views. Price per square foot in this area is still quite reasonable, but is increasing as a steady flow of new business, housing, and transportation development enters the area.

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Belltown's prime downtown and waterfront location has made it a natural choice for developers. Residential and commercial buildings line the streets of this area, each vying for the best view. Considered by many to be the epicenter of Seattle's "cool", Belltown hosts some of Seattle's hippest dining, lounging and shopping establishments as well.

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Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Entrance
Blue Ridge is a defined North Seattle community that has an active Homwowner's Association that offers numerous amenities to it's members. They have a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, and private beach access area to the Puget Sound. Blue Ridge is about 200 acres in size and there are about 450 homes within it's boundaries.

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Broadmoor front gate
Broadmoor is a private, gated, golf-course community within the Capitol Hill-Madison Park area of Seattle, just south of the Washington Park Arboretum. Multi-million dollar estates with grand styling and meticulously manicured lots fill the exclusive 216-acre neighborhood.

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Bryant is a quiet, largely upper-middle class neighborhood located north of UW. Housing styles range from older small Tudors, bungalows and craftsmans to larger new homes. The Lake Washington side of Bryant has more grand homes with sweeping mountain, territorial and cityscape views. The local elementary school is the neighborhood's home base.

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Columbia City

Columbia City - Public Library
Columbia City - Public Library
The Columbia City neighborhood is a rapidly changing area. Many historic retail buildings flourish with new restaurants and artsy store front businesses. The newly completed Columbia City Light Rail Station serves the Rainier Valley area of Seattle connecting it to downtown and the Sea-Tac Airport.

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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill - Broadway and Thomas
Capitol Hill - Broadway and Thomas
For many, Capitol Hill is the heart of the city. The north side of the area is known for its beautiful classic estates and parks. The southern section is filling with condos and apartments and has long been famous for its hip nightlife and fashion scene.

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Eastlake Houseboats
Floating homes, classic estates, and new condos share the northeastern edges of Lake Union with restaurants, businesses and parks - all combining to make one of the best-loved neighborhoods in the city. Historic Eastlake is famous for its sweeping Lake Union views and homes sitting right on the water. Its central location is another big plus.

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First Hill

First Hill is downtown neighborhood; both home and workplace for thousands of people with even more residential and commercial development in the works. Affordable housing, senior living centers and market-rate condos are available to the those who want to live walking distance to the area's university, medical, and downtown services.

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The views, amenities, and character of the Fremont neighborhood have made it increasingly more popular and up-scale with flair. Many older homes and businesses are giving way to new condos, town-homes, and retail, often with the look and feel of the classic craftsman style. The northern section still remains mostly small single-family homes.

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Georgetown boots
Georgetown boots
Georgetown's housing is a mixture of modest homes, new townhouses, and classic Victorians. Housing is inexpensive due to its proximity to the Industrial District and the transportation systems that serve it (rail, road, and air). However, despite the industrial influences, Georgetown is a closeknit, active, artistic, and beloved neighborhood.

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Green Lake

Surrounding the beauty and activity of the lake is Green Lake's fantastic neighborhood. The turn-of-the-century homes are primarily three and four bedroom vintage craftsman and smaller Tudor style homes. Newer single family homes, apartments and condos can also be found in varying styles and sizes, but vacancies are low - everyone loves Green Lake.

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Greenwood - Commerical Area
Greenwood is experiencing much growth and revitalization. Remodeled homes and buildings, additional parks and services, and new stores and condos have helped attract a younger population to the neighborhood. Today's Greenwood is an active, multi-generational, multi-ethnic community yet still holds on to much of its traditional slow-paced charm.

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International District

International District Hing Hay Park
The ID is Seattle's hub of Asian food and culture. Housing is scarce but condo development is slowly increasing. Its central location, with frequent bus service in addition to plentiful amenities within walking distance, makes the ID a great spot for anyone who wants to live in the city without a car.

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Lake City

Lake City Farmers Market sign
Lake City Farmers Market sign
Lake City has beautiful homes with, you guessed it, lake views. Prices can run into the multi-millions, especially right on the water, but there are many view homes available for less than you would expect. Homes away from the Lake Washington side tend to be more modest and affordable. New condos and townhomes have also entered this area.

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Laurelhurst has long been one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Seattle area. Occupying prime view locations on a hilly penninsula in Lake Washington, more than 7000 residents call Laurelhurst home. The home styles are diverse, but tend towards the traditional with multi-million dollar grand estates lining the Lake Washington waterfront.

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Madison Park

Madison Park shopping area
Madison Park shopping area
Madison Park is a strong community of mostly single family homes with only a few condos. The natural grandeur of the parks, lakefront and views combine with the classic styling of the homes to justify the area's high prices. Convenience is another big draw; local ammenities and easy access to downtown and the freeways keep property demand high.

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Discovery Park Sign
Magnolia is a wonderful, quiet community with incredible views, amazing parks, and easy access to downtown Seattle and the waterfront. Condos line the northern hillclimb. Multi-million dollar estates line the bluffs and the shoreline. In the center of the hilltop are more modest homes and a small but welcoming community and commercial center.

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Maple Leaf

Mapleleaf Bar and Grill
Located northeast of Green Lake, Maple Leaf is one of Seattle's best-kept secret neighborhoods. Housing styles are a mix of old and new, but most homes are in a more affordable range compared to other in-city neighborhoods. Mature trees and great small businesses within walking distance help give this area its classic small-town feel.

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Meadowbrook Swimming Pool
Meadowbrook is part of the Lake City Annex that was incorporated into Seattle in 1954. North of the Wedgwood neighborhood, it is most well known for it?s fabulous Meadowbrook Community Center that offers many activities and programs, as well as offers a quality swimming pool and gymnasium facilities for all local citizens to enjoy.

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Montlake's home choices are few but fabulous. Almost no condos are available and the floating homes on Portage Bay and Union Bay are some of Seattle's most coveted real estate. Montlake's on-land homes are quite nice and also in demand. Some have fabulous park or water views. Most are classic 1920's craftsman or Tudor style with beautiful updates.

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Northgate Mall Entrance
Affordable housing, easy commuting, continued upgrades to the Northgate Mall and new development in the surrounding area are bringing more residents to Northgate each year. Come take a look, don't let the bargins get away.

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Phinney Ridge

Phinney Ridge is the neighborhood surrounding the Woodland Park Zoo, at the top of the hill from Ballard, Fremont, and Green Lake. Classic craftsman homes line the ridge, many with gorgeous views. Favorite independent cafes, pubs, and shops share Phinney Ave. with condos, churches, retirement homes, and the PNA Center for community events.

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Pinehurst Seattle Crab Company
Pinehurst Seattle Crab Company
Pinehurst is part of the larger Northgate neighborhood. Situated north of the Northgatemall and bordering the city of Shoreline, Pinehurst has a more suburban feel than most other Seattle neighborhoods. Most of the homes were built after the 1940's, with sizable lots, driveways and garages. Prices tend to run in the more affordable range.

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Pioneer Square

If you are looking for vintage styling in a historic yet vibrant urban setting, Pioneer Square is the neighborhood for you. The area's landmark status restricts most development which makes housing tough to find but worth the search if you want to live in the hub of Seattle's busy and creative independent shops, galleries and nightlife.

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Queen Anne

Queen Anne is a uptown neighborhood with sweeping vistas from most every home. The grand homes on the hill are spectacular and easily sell for well over $1 million, especially those in the vintage Queen Anne styling that gave the area its name. Condos, townhomes, more modest homes and even apartments also try to fill the high demand for this area.

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Ravenna -Greatful Bread
Ravenna is a primarily upper-middle class neighborhood north of the University District. Home styles include charming classic Tudors, bungalows and craftsman-style homes as well as more and more new-construction houses both large and small. The lovely and historic Ravenna Park fills up a large part of this desirable neighborhood.

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Roosevelt - Whole Foods
Roosevelt - Whole Foods
Roosevelt is a mellow, laid-back sort of neighborhood with good food, great schools, and long-time friends. The 160 acres of Roosevelt consists of mostly modest bungalows and Tudors that were developed in the 1920s. Another one-third of the housing is multi-unit condos, townhomes or apartments, many with great views.

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South Lake Union

South Lake Union - Streetcar
South Lake Union is in the midst of an impressive revival. The growth began slowly in the early 1990's and took off in 2000, with continuing development expected for years. City planners are well on their way to transforming this once underserved section of downtown into a busy urban community in which to work, live, and play.

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Victory Heights

Victory Heights Park sign
It is still possible to find a nice small home on a quiet street for a great price in Victory Heights. A drive down the wide neighborhood streets recalls an older, simpler time. This quiet close-in Seattle suburb is filled with grass, trees, parks, and children.

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University District

The University District was developed around the University of Washington at the time of the 1909 World's Fair. Many additional homes were built in the 1920s. Most of the residents are connected in some way to the university. This urban neighborhood is a mix of single family homes, apartments, and condos with a short and easy commute to downtown.

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Wallingford Guild II 45th movie theater
As one of Seattle's early residential neighborhoods Wallingford reflects an old-style charm with its tree-lined streets, cozy little bungalows, lively commercial district, and grand historic homes dating from the late 1880's. Due to its close proximity to the water, city , UW and public transportation it reflects a very urban sense of life as well.

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Wedgewood Community sign
Wedgwood is distinguished by its mid-century homes, mature trees, and good-sized yards. While many of the smaller mid-century homes are being torn down and replaced by larger homes or modern townhomes, the neighborhood has managed to retain much of its small town feel. Long-standing schools, restaurants and shops thrive even as change moves in.

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East King County


Bellevue Downtown Park
Bellevue Downtown Park
The cities on the east side of Lake Washington are collectively called "the Eastside" by Seattle area residents. Bellevue is generally thought of as the center of the Eastside and serves as the commercial, business, cultural, and retail core for the area, even drawing Seattle residents over the bridge for work, recreation, and shopping.

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Kirkland Central Way
Kirkland Central Way
Kirkland has some of the area's best public schools, finest restaurants, best lakeside beaches, and loveliest homes. The downtown area is positioned right along the water, incorporating a large public dock, a sandy beach, and lots of greenspace, which gives Kirkland a wonderful beach-town charm.

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Redmond is favorite town in King County's suburban "Eastside" located just east of the Lake Washington beach town of Kirkland and north of the Eastside's "downtown" city of Bellevue. Beloved for it's proximity to work, shopping, and recreational activities, Redmond's neighborhoods have continued to grow over the past few decades.

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North King County


City of Shoreline sign
There are multi-million dollar homes in Shoreline, especially in the neighborhoods overlooking the Puget Sound (Richmond Beach/Innis Arden/The Highlands). For the most part though, Shoreline offers an affordable selection of good-sized homes with easy access to schools, parks, and the freeway - all just a few minutes away from downtown Seattle.

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Edmonds-Kingston Ferry
Edmonds is a picturesque waterfront community just a short distance north of Seattle. It is a great place to live, visit, and work. Edmonds has an appealing small-town quality with many of the amenities found in a larger city.

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Lake Forest Park

Lake Forest Park - Third Place Books
An abundance of nature, a strong community, and city amenities - Lake Forest Park has it all. Homes are generally on a large lot with numerous mature trees and plantings. Many homes and condos also have beautiful Lake Washington views. Home prices are moderate; ranging from small and relatively affordable to multi-million dollar lakefront estates.

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Bothell - Main Street
Explore Bothell - there is something here for everyone: rivers, parks and trails for the nature lover; colleges, technology firms and freeways for the business minded; historic buildings and antique stores for the old-fashioned; new development and an active government for civic leaders; and nice homes at a good price for bargain shoppers!

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South King County


Renton IKEA
Renton offers remarkably low housing prices in every size and style, easy access to transportation routes, and has shown a continued thoughtful dedication to the improvement and development of their retail, businesses, schools, parks, and other services which has long made Renton a favorite choice for many new home buyers.

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Federal Way

Federal Way Wild Waves
While Federal Way is still considered by most to be a bedroom community for Seattle, the city does offer much more than suburban housing. An increasing number of shops, restaurants, parks, businesses and services make it possible for many Federal Way residents to avoid the rush hour drive into Seattle and instead enjoy all their own town offers.

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Snohomish County


Arlington Downtown

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